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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

SPEC is committed to providing its customers with creative and efficient contract research and development services and commercial products at reasonable costs, in a manner that reflects high professional and ethical standards.  Our products (services, hardware or software) shall conform to contractual and regulatory requirements and meet or exceed customer expectations.

Each staff member is expected to perform quality-related work in accordance with the documented procedures and instructions or take actions to the procedures or instructions to formally change them prior to commencing work.  Personnel at all levels are expected to:

– Identify quality problems and adverse trends.

– Initiate, recommend, or provide solutions.

– Assist in the implementation of corrective and preventive measures.

The priority of each staff member is the attainment of quality through personnel development, continuous process improvement, and the use of efficient processes that satisfy customer expectations.

Quality Objectives:

– Improve the production quality process by showing a reducing trend in the number of returned products (RMAs) per year.

– Achieve an on-time delivery of 90% for each major deliverable (milestone or shipment schedule) as defined by the contract or purchase order.

– Improve resolution time of all assigned Corrective Action and Non-Conformance events

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